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MoneyMate Loan App

MoneyMate Loan App is an application that claims to provide you a personal loan of upto ₹60,000 with Interest Rate ranges from 24% & for a tenure of 61 days to 365 days.

So In today’s article, we will give you all information about MoneyMate Loan App. How much loan can you get from MoneyMate Loan App? At what rate of interest, for how long can you get the loan? Are There Any Hidden Costs in MoneyMate Loan App? Should You apply for personal loan from MoneyMate Loan App? More important things that will be known in today’s post.


MoneyMate Loan App Loan Amount

Friends, if you want to take a loan from this MoneyMate Loan App, then you can take loan from ₹1,000 To ₹60,000.


MoneyMate Loan App Interest Rate

MoneyMate Loan App charged the a interest rate of 2%-24%.


MoneyMate Loan App Tenure Rate

MoneyMate Loan App can provide you loan for 61 days to 365 days. You can take a loan for a minimum period of 61 days. MoneyMate Loan App gives you a loan for maximum 365 days. This information is given in this application description.


MoneyMate Loan App Documents Required

  • A Selfie
  • PAN Card
  • One Government ID
  • Address Proof.


MoneyMate Loan App Example

You borrowed Rs. 1,04,000 but received only Rs. 93,500 after deducting charges. The interest rate is 1.25% per month, which is equivalent to 28.66% per year. You will pay back the loan in 12 EMIs of Rs. 9,967 each. The total charges, including GST and insurance, are Rs. 10,500.


MoneyMate Loan App Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a resident of India.
  • The age limit of the applicant should be between 18-60 years.
  • You must have a Android Phone.
  • You must have a salary of ₹25,000.


How to apply for loan from MoneyMate Loan App?

  • First of all install MoneyMate Loan App from Play Store.
  • Then register by entering your mobile number.
  • Fill your basic information.
  • Upload your KYC documents.
  • Enter your bank information.
  • Your loan gets approved.
  • Money is also transferred to your bank account.


MoneyMate Loan App Review

In just One Sentence, YOU SHOULD NOT DOWNLOAD MoneyMate Loan App. We are saying this because, there are like , this application is asking for some money before disbursement of loan into you bank account. Some people gave the money to the application like some ₹400. But after that MoneyMate Loan App stopped to reply him & the people who gave the got Fraud. This is clear indication to stay away from this application. We would say to not download MoneyMate Loan App.


Today you have come to know that how much loan can be availed from MoneyMate Loan App? At what interest does MoneyMate Loan App give loan? For how long can I get a loan from MoneyMate Loan App? How to apply for loan from MoneyMate Loan App? What are the documents required for loan from MoneyMate Loan App? Who can take loan from MoneyMate Loan App? Today we learned all this about MoneyMate Loan App.


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